The sex trafficking industry, like any other, is supply and demand – so let’s cut off the demand. Let’s change a culture and save generations to come.

How do we cut off the demand?

We change a culture.

From the inside out.

It’s not a behavioral fix.

It’s not another rule to enforce.

The problem isn’t poverty.

The problem isn’t violence.

The problem isn’t even lust.

The problem is belief.

What do you believe??

Those who are trapped in the bondage of slavery (bondage of any kind: those who are sold and purchased and those who buy and sell others) only find themselves there because somewhere along the line, they believed the lie of “worthless” – “unloved” – “unvalued” – “ugly” – “this is the only way” – “hopeless”…

While, all along, the Truth is they are


Jesus alone satisfies.

Jesus always has been and always will be The Answer.

It takes more than words to change a belief.

It takes an encounter with the Truth.



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