September, 2008

Friday, baby! My tires squealed as we shot out of the school parking lot and into traffic. Our music was so loud it hurt our ears, but we kept turning it up because that’s what you do in high school. My best friend, Sarah, and I were at our peak. This was the life. It was the beginning of our last year in school together, and we were determined to soak up every moment of it. We had not a care in the world.

I looked to my left as a truck pulled up next to us. It’s all over. It was a truck full of boys. “Cute boys” (I may have rolled my eyes at myself in that very moment). I nudge Sarah and suddenly we were all smiling and nodding and giggling and looking at each other… We began to “car-flirt”. You know: cutting each other off, pulling up next to each other, racing, seeing who can play their music louder… This went on for several miles.

I’m not sure if Sarah and I ever felt cooler than we did in these moments. Speeding down the road, listening to whatever pop songs were cool at the time, and flirting with a truck-full of cute boys. We ended up stopped at a red light, with a truck in front of my car and the truck of boys right next to us. We’re all laughing and I was looking over at the boys when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the traffic light turn green. I felt this rush of adrenaline as I thought to myself, “This is it, I’m so gonna smoke them!!” And I just FLOOR it! But….. the truck in front of me did not just “FLOOR” it. They didn’t move at all actually. So immediately after I slam my foot down onto my gas pedal as hard as I can – BAM!! – I hit the back of the truck in front of me. Selah.

I turn my head in embarrassment as the truck of boys pulls away, laughing. I’m not sure if Sarah and I ever felt more uncool than we did in that moment…

“If you’re not laughing at life, you’re taking it too seriously!” – Pastor Steve Munds

Merie Kellina

(That’s what really happened, Mom and Dad. Sorry! Haha!)


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